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Service and maintenance

We believe that good service is very important even after your purchase. If you have doubts during the warranty period, please contact us. We are always happy to help you as soon as possible!

To offer our customers the best possible service, we can offer home service in the Netherlands. We may charge a small amount for this. If you contact us, in most cases we can be at your home within two weeks.

1. The electric folding bike is mechanical like a “regular” bike. All abrasive parts such as axles, cables, brakes and gear can be maintained with silicone or teflon spray. Check regularly that all screws and nuts are still locked. Important locking points to check includes front wheel, rear wheel, luggage rack and steering wheel.

  1. Spray chain and gear after a wet trail, the chain needs the most lubrication.
  2. Clean the chain occasionally with a cleaning kit, available at the bike shop.
  3. The tire sizes used are standard available at the bike shop.
  4. Be careful with moisture, always keep the bicycle in a dry place and sheltered. Sensitive electrical components are the display unit and the controller.
  5. Rusty parts can be treated with teflon spray.
  6. Always store the bicycle  dry after a rainy day.
2. Gear

For gear and chain adjustments, please use our service center or the local bike technician.

3. Tire pressure

Keep the bicycle tires on the correct tire pressure. This benefits the stability, action range and bicycle comfort as well as the life of the tires. We recommend a tire pressure of approximately 4 bar.

4. Brakes

Over time, a brake may react less directly. This can happen by (new) cables that stretch and / or brake pads / discs that wear out. Easy adjustment can be done by turning the adjusting screws on the brake levers. For safety reasons, we prefer a bike technician for the wheel side adjustments.

5. Electrical system

The electrical circuit does not require maintenance, but proper sealing of bare wires is important. Avoid moisture on electrical circuits. Please store the bicycle dry and possibly in a warm shelter. If a wire has no plastic protection, it is important to shield it with insulation tape.

An electric bike has a controller that controls several functions, which ensures that the bike understands when it is supposed to be electrically supported. Electrical circuit problems are often related to the controller. We have these in stock.

Regularly check your bike!

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Need advice? Call us: +31 73 203 2487
An employee is always there
Perform a test drive at our store