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Frequently Asked Questions

My LCD display will not turn on2018-10-22T12:20:30+00:00

– Check if the battery is charged.

– Check if the battery is properly connected and locked.

– Check if the battery is on (think of key or button)

– Check whether the bike is on (think of key)

– Press the on/off button on the display for at least 2 seconds.

– Check if the connector to the display is properly connected.

If all this does not work, contact us by email for service.

How do I handle the battery?2018-10-22T12:26:03+00:00

Do not expose the battery to extreme temperatures or for too long in direct sunlight. Do not place objects on the charger and battery during charging. Place the battery and charger at a safe distance from flammable and explosive substances. If you are not going to use the bicycle for longer than a month, we advise you to store the battery fully charged from the bike in a dry and warm place. Cold weather affects battery performance. Further instructions can be found in our manuals.

How do I get replacement parts?2018-10-22T12:31:12+00:00

It can happen that a component such as an LCD display or cable breaks. Please contact us ( We have parts in stock.

Regular maintenance on the bike2018-10-22T12:37:03+00:00

– Clean the chain from time to time with a cleaning kit, available at the bicycle store. Spray chain and gears after a wet course, the chain needs the most lubrication.

– Rusting parts can be treated with teflon spray.

– Keep the bicycle tires on the correct tire pressure. We recommend a tire pressure of approx. 4 bar.

– The electrical circuit requires no maintenance, but a good seal of bare wires is important. If a wire has no plastic protection, it is important to shield it with insulating tape. Please leave the bike dry and possibly in a warm room.

– After a while, a brake can respond less immediately. Simple adjustment can be done by turning the adjusting screws on the brake levers slightly. For safety reasons, you would rather leave the brakes on the wheel side to a specialist.

Who can I contact for a guarantee claim?2018-10-22T12:44:14+00:00

Warranty on parts and frame can be arranged through us or one of our dealers. Our warranty conditions are stated on this website.

How can I order a bicycle?2018-10-22T12:49:45+00:00

To order a bicycle, please refer to our webshop

If a certain type of bicycle is not in stock, you can order and reserve this bike for the next delivery from our factory. We aim for a delivery time between 30 and 60 days. We do our utmost best to keep this period as short as possible. For more information about ordering and reserving a bicycle, please email us at our email address:

Action range of an electric bicycle2018-10-22T12:56:09+00:00

The action range of an electric bicycle is measured under ideal conditions and a fully charged battery. The most important factors that can influence performance are:

– Tire pressure and resistance

– Use of gears

– Use of electrical support

– Total weight (bike, rider and possibly luggage)

– Road condition

– Weather conditions

– Condition of the bike / battery

Pedal force sensor vs magnet rotation sensor2018-10-22T13:04:45+00:00

The pedal force sensor

On bikes equipped with a pedal force sensor, the force you put on the pedals determines how fast you go. So the sensor measures how hard you kick and adjusts the support accordingly.

The rotation sensor

With bicycles equipped with a rotation sensor, the rotation sensor registers that you are pedaling, the pedals are rotating, and gives equal support. This means that you have to put less force on the pedals to get support. (The rotation sensor has a built-in safety, so when pedaling backward, no support is given)

The pedal force sensor gives a more natural cycling feeling, while the rotation sensor is more suitable for people who have less strength in their legs.

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